vision 2015 of MCI: do u agree?

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MCI meeting on 19 and 20th Feb 2011: Forensic Medicine experts are invited

Dr. B. D. Gupta, Dr. V V Pillay, Dr. Devdass PK and Dr.Mohite S.C. are invited for finalization of the syllabus on 19th & 20th of Feb 2011, at a meeting to be attended by BOG, working group and other subject experts.

Dr.S.K Pandey

Dr. R Kaushal

B. Srinivasa Rao Senior Advocate Rajahmundry. Andhra Pradesh.

Professor S. K.Tripathi-UG Edu-Vision 2015

Dr.Uday Singh

Dr Vrinda Bhat

Dr. Thomas Mathew (President-SIMLA) Dr. Cyriac Job (Joint Secr -sz--IAFM)

Dr Abarnita Sethi


Dr. Shankar M. Bakkannavar Assistant Professor Department of Forensic Medicine Kasturba Medical College Manipal - 576104

Dr. Shailesh H. Jhaveri

Dr. Jignesh A. Brahmbhatt

JSS MYSORE:Press note, Meeting with Preclinical and paraclinical departments, Feedback to MCI

Press conference at Mangalore


If an appeal in the belowmentined format can be pasted all over medical college/hospital premiss to make evrybody aware will also help in dissemnaition of our concern. Please act fast

Dr.Chandeep Singh, RMC, Loni: Feedback sent to MCI

Dr.Shalini Girdhar


Dr. Syed Uzair post graduate in the Dept of Forensic Medicine, MR medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka

Dr.Mallikarjun Ballur: comment on the vision-2015

YAFMT is holding press conference and meeting the Law minister

IAFM has made a nationwide appeal to observe 5th Feb. 2011 as 'Black Day'.

Submission from JSS Medical College, Mysore.

Dr Shivakumar (faculty of Micro/Bio)'s comments on vision-2015

Dr.Prakash.I.Babladi's comments on vision-2015

Dr.S.Janani's comments on vision-2015

Dr.Pranav Prajapati's comments on vision-2015

Roma Khan, Forensic Archaeologist & Crime Scene Investigator, CEO INSAAF.

Dr.Arun's aggressive comments

Dr.Geetha: comments sent to MCI

Dr.Deepak D'Souza: Publicly available views on vision-2015

Dr. Bhaumesh M. Rajdev, Surat: feedback of a tutor

letter to MCI by DHO Bijapur, Karnataka

Dr.Mahesh, Delhi: feedback on vision-2015

TNMC Mumbai: Hasty and vision-less 'Vision 2015'

Dr.Mukesh Kumar's comments

Dr. Rahul Ambulkar: vision 2015

Dr. Arun Kumar S: Comments on vision 2015

Dr. Puja: comments on vision-2015

Dr. Vivek Srivastava: comments on vision-2015

Dr. Arun Kumar: comments on vision-2015